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My chosen country is china.

Here are some points i made if needed it was from previous presentation.


– in Chinese culture everyone is not seen as equal. It is a hierarchy culture which means that there are people above you or below you. At the same time

This means that’s respect is very important in Chinese culture. Chinese culture knows that there is a person in authority and other people respect this. Employees do not speak against a manager or talk back to them. This is the same throughout the culture

Organizational management follows cultural rules. In the company they create a system where the CEO is making a company that is simialr to running a family. He or she is trying to manage the company and take care of the employees too. At the same time loyalty is important too. They create a system

Where the employees can come from

A low position with room

To grow and expand.

Financial situation in china in past 2 years is not good because the debt has increased. This is largely due to problem loans where people are not paying back, which puts the country in a financial


Conflict resolution is interesting in china because it is about harmony. In Chinese relationships having trust is very important. Also, people are not likely to engage in conflict which means that conflict is not immediately resolved. Many times it will be ignored and not focused on.

Decision making in china can be tricky because Chinese are risk adverse. They do not like to make risky choices. They are afraid of making choices that could result in negative results. They have strict procedures before a decision is made. Due to strong sense of being Chinese most of the people follow this to make sure that they do not go against the majority.

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