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  • Review Chapters 2, 3, 9, and 10 from the course text and the resources for the California Department of Education, New Jersey Department of Education, and the School Improvement in Maryland.
  • Review the concepts of data collage and school profile introduced in your Learning Resources.
  • Gather data from a school district with which you have an existing relationship, or select a district from an Internet search.
  • To complete:

    This Assignment has three sections, as follows:

    Section 1: District Profile

    Using the data from your selected school district (Gwinnett County Public Schools), develop a succinct profile that includes the following information:

    • Vision/mission statement
    • Assessment data from standardized tests
    • Various types of data reports, including a yearly report card
    • Disaggregated data
    • The types of data the district uses to measure student progress and school improvement
    • The district’s plan for analyzing data

    If available, include additional information, such as the following:

    • The district’s plan for sharing data results
    • How the district manages accountability
    • How educators and others engage in district planning
    Section 2: Data Analysis

    Complete the Data Analysis Worksheet and attach it as an appendix to your paper. Include a narrative summary of the Data Analysis Worksheet, and address each of the questions within the worksheet in this section of your paper.

    Section 3: Synthesis

    Identify the mission and vision of the school/district. Review the Alignment and Achievement Worksheet questions to guide you as you examine the data that are available and the stated mission of the district you have selected. Look for evidence of alignment in published school district and state Department of Education website documents. Write a recommendation that could be presented to district leadership regarding the status of alignment in your chosen district between mission, vision, data, instructional policies, and practices. Use research to support your recommendation.

    Length: 6 to 8 pages

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