quick english question

one word from the List of Compound Words page in the module. Switch the
order of the words. For instance, butterfly would become flybutter,
downhearted would become hearteddown, sunflower would be flowersun,
graveyard becomes yardgrave, etc.

Once you choose a word and switch the order, do the following:

1. Define your new word.

2. Include your new word in a line of poetry.

Compound Word List

lifetime elsewhere upside grandmother

cannot baseball fireworks passport

together become became sunflower

crosswalk basketball sweetmeat superstructure

moonlight football railroad rattlesnake

anybody weatherman throwback skateboard

meantime earthquake everything herein

sometimes also backward schoolhouse

butterflies upstream nowhere bypass

fireflies because somewhere spearmint

something another somewhat airport

anyone today himself grasshopper

inside themselves playthings footprints

therefore uplift supergiant homemade

without backbone scapegoat peppermint

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