analysis project essay for part 2

After carefully reading the full instructions for this assignment, please answer the following questions and submit your responses as a .pdf file:

  1. What is your commodity? Be specific about the parameters of your commodity. (1-2 sentences)
  2. What do you know so far about the where, when, who, and what of your commodity and commodity chain? What and where is the supply chain? Where and how is it sold? Who makes it? Who buys it? (1-2 paragraphs)
  3. What are at least 4-5 questions you have about your commodity? What are you most curious about? These can be about any aspect—economic, political, social, cultural, environmental, etc.—of your commodity chain.

It is okay for each group member’s responses to be very similar for this assignment, but you should each submit the worksheet before the deadline to receive credit.

Make sure to include a reference list with APA-style citations for all data sources you used for the preliminary research you conducted.

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