brief write-up (no more than 5 pages) addressing following questions

  • When Cheryl Smith arrived at WestJet, she was asked by the CEO to advise whether the company had adequate IT or not. What aspects of the WestJet IT situation did she assess to respond to CEO’s concern?
  • Briefly summarize her assessment and the apparent problems.
  • How can Smith help senior management better understand the importance of IT’s role for supporting WestJet’s operations and defining and executing business strategy?
  • How would you describe the new IT Governance model suggested by Smith? Was it an autocracy, anarchy, a hybrid structure or fiefdoms? Was the new governance model proposed by Smith structured appropriately for achieving IT and business alignment?
  • In planning for future IT initiatives, what business unit executives and CIOs must bring to the table?
  • Earlier IBM had recommended that WestJet establish a PMO office, but Smith put the recommendation on hold. Do you agree with her decision?
  • Is Smith still the CIO at WestJet? Are WestJet’s recent initiatives in the news?

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