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Codes of Ethics

Using the Taneka case scenario from your Unit 2 assignment, apply two Codes of Ethics from our professional bodies (using the most current codes). One needs to come from NCDA and the other can be of your choice from the suggested list in this unit’s studies. Embellish the case as you need to in order to apply two ethical codes to the case. For example, you can say that the counselor is starting to have romantic feelings towards the client. State which code would apply (ACA, A.5.b), and how you would handle the situation. Make sure you use both codes (NCDA and, for example, ACA).


Use your Career Counseling text to read the following:

  • Chapter 12, “Career Counseling for Individuals with Disabilities,” pages 281–295.
  • Chapter 8, “On Being an Ethical Career Counselor,” pages 206–219.

Use your Using Assessment Results text to read the following:

  • Chapter 4, “Ethics and Assessment,” pages 44–52.

Use the Internet to complete the following:

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