W2 1st Response to Instructor: Security Management, law homework help

Using at least 200 words, please respond to the following post:

You bring up a very interesting point that is the cost of the testing. This issue alone has caused the industry to look at a topic which has caused much discussion and debate in the security world today and that is the issue of pay. Historically pay in the security field has been pretty much at or just above minimum wage and benefits are for the most part nonexistent. This brings up the question of how do we compensate security officers who are now more educated and better trained than their predecessors? One way the industry has attempted to tackle this issue is with the concept of hiring fewer of the better educated/trained officers and expecting them to do more. In return the company can pay a higher rate and better benefits by having fewer more “professional” officers on staff.


Do you feel this concept of using fewer better educated/trained officers and expecting more of them and in-turn paying them better is a good idea?

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