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as Greece and other financially impoverished countries continue with major austerity measures to climb out of debt, some observers are asking what steps the United States may be forced to take to control its soaring federal debt. Individual states, led by California, are already taking desperate steps to balance their budgets. As an individual and tax payer, what specific government services would you be willing to do without? Further, in what areas would you agree to higher taxes to help pay for many of the services you and your family have come to expect?

Be specific. Defend your answer. This is not a question that can be quickly answered. It requires careful thought, research, and analysis of government resources and services presently provided and generally expected, as well as self-reflection of the potential impact on you and your family due to the loss or serious reduction in such resources and services.

All work must be submitted in writing, using APA format, papers must not exceed three (3) pages in length,

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