Alcohol and A Hosts Responsibility


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The book is :

Insel, Paul M. and Walton T. Roth. Connect Core Concepts in Health Big with Connect 15th ed.


Use the writing prompt and questions below to foster your conversation about drinking and responsibility. Remember you don’t just directly answer the questions but use them to fuel your discussion. Then reply to at least 2 classmates’ post . Remember to post thoughtful and complete replies.

Discuss your opinions about the responsibilities that a host or hostess has for guests when serving alcohol. What are the legal implications if one of your guests has an automobile accident after leaving your party? Should a guest have a drinking responsibility to the host? Do you believe that there are different legal implications for bartenders who serve too much alcohol to a customer who then has an auto accident?


Also could you answer these questions not related to the discussion:


List five signs of an impaired driver:

List two actions you should take if you encounter an impaired driver


List three strategies for drinking less in a social situation or for avoiding driving while impaired:

Create a schedule or plan for sharing designated driver responsibilities:


List three strategies for seeing that your guests do not leave your home or residence while impaired:

List three things you might say or do for someone who is leaving your residence impaired and insists on driving home:


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