rewrite and polish article

you do not need to change or add anything for this article. The only thing you need to do is rewrite all of my sentences.

How to rewrite?

For example:

Original Tex: A wise man knows when to retreat

– Rewrite: People who have wisdom know how to endure silently

Original Text: Parents are the first teacher of children, and children’s good behavioral habits are cultivated by
family education. Parents shall follow the rules and characteristics of children’s somatopsychic development in
terms of the cultivation of children’s good behavioral habits instead of carrying out randomly.

– Rewrite: After the child came into the world with a cry, every word and action are taught by parents. Playing an exemplary role, parents have crucial effect on the behaviors of children during early childhood. In terms of early
childhood education, parents shall follow scientific method rather than using wrong methods extemporaneously.

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