Concert Review Assignment 2 pages

Assignment Format

The following are required on the concert review assignment and, thus, may affect your grade.

  • Must be typed
  • Must be double-spaced
  • Must be between 2 and 4 pages in length.
  • Must use conventional size and formatting of text – e.g. 10-12 point serif or sans serif fonts with normal margins.
  • Careful editing, proofreading, and spelling are expected, although minor errors will not affect your grade.
  • Papers that do not follow these format guidelines may be returned for resubmission, and late penalties will apply.

    Concert Review Assignment Content

    I. Descriptions The main body of the concert review should include brief discussions of three of the pieces in the concert you attend. In most cases, a single paragraph for each piece should be sufficient, although you may wish to break descriptions of longer pieces into separate short paragraphs, one per movement.

    Your description of each piece (song) should include:

  • The title of the piece and the composer’s name if possible, as listed in the concert program.
  • A brief description of your reaction to the piece. For example:
  • When the piece started I thought it was going to be slow and boring, but the faster section in the first movement made it more exciting. A really great flute solo full of fast and high notes in the third movement caught my attention. I’m not sure, but I thought that some of the brasses may have been a bit out of tune in the next movement when it got very loud…

    You must describe these 3 pieces which were performed in the concert. Partial reports will earn a lower grade.

    II. Summary: Following your review of the individual pieces and described above, you should conclude your paper with a final “Summary” paragraph in which you offer your reaction to the experience of the concert as a whole

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