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Ernest Hemingway’s “Old Man at the Bridge” is a short story about war. please read it . The reader learns about the characters’ attitudes toward the war mostly through the dialogue in the story. Take note of what the narrator-soldier does, thinks, and says and what the Old Man does, thinks, and says. Develop an essay comparing and contrasting what the war means for the soldier and, what it means for the Old Man. Provide evidence from the story to support your thinking.

give me the note and essay with 5 paragraph 500 word or more. the 5 paragraph must be


A. topic of the essay

B. thesis statement

C. transitional statement

D. plan statement; three or more major points supporting the thesis statement.

2. Development;

for three developing paragraphs, each based on the following pattern;

A the topic sentence , expressing the thesis + the first major point of support point 1.

B. the explanation of and elaboration on point 1.

C. the supporting evidence for point 1, such as , examples, statistics.

3. Conclusion;

A. a statement reminding the reader of the thesis statement and the major points of support discussed.

B. some concluding remarks on the subject discussed.

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