The Chicken or the Egg

The Chicken or the Egg?

This week’s readings discuss the varying perspectives on the relationship between human intelligence and creativity. Since both “intelligence and creativity are dynamic and productive areas for research in the 21st century” (Esping, as cited in Plucker, 2017, p. 116), these perspectives are important to consider further. Throughout this week you will be having an asynchronous debate surrounding the details of each perspective. Much like the debated topic of whether the chicken or the egg comes first, this discussion explores the link between intelligence and creativity.

For this discussion, you are being assigned a position where you may believe that the opposite perspective is the best. This is a useful practice as it will allow you to view both sides of the argument, even those you might disagree with. It is important that you use your critical thinking skills to argue for your assigned perspective, and that you strive to fully understand both sides.

Assigned Groups:

If your last name starts with the letter N-Z you will be debating that intelligence is a sub-set of creativity.


Read Hot Topic 3: Are Creativity and Intelligence Related? from the Plucker (2017) text.

Debate Discussion:

Start the debate by discussing the important points supporting your stance, and how your perspective has practical application in the real-world.

o Support your stance with scholarly research and specific examples that model the practicality of your position.

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