the impact of exposure to domestic violence on children and young people, Social Science assignment help

The articles that you choose must come from a professional peer-reviewed journal, published after 2005, with a clear research methodology. The flow of your critiques should be as follows:

Paragraph 1 should contain the author(s) names, the date, volume, and number of the publication, the title of the article, and the title of the journal.

Paragraph 2 and/or 3 should be specifically geared to the goal, purpose, or research question(s), hypothesis, null hypothesis, etc., the author(s) intended to examine. These should be clearly stated.

Paragraph 2, 3, or 4 should be a brief historical Review of the Literature. Please highlight the critical junctions in the historical considerations that led to this current research examination.

Paragraph 5, 6 and 7 should deal specifically with the Research Design and the Methodology used to gather this data. Pay specific attention to research techniques, instruments, or methodology expected to accept or reject the research question(s) or null hypothesis.This is probably the most critical paragraphs as it deals specifically with the techniques to gather data.

Paragraph 7, 8 and 9 should focus on the Results of the current study. What statistics were used, what measurement techniques were utilized, and what analysis yielded the current finding.

Paragraph 10 and 11 should examine the author(s) Recommendation, Implications, Summary, and/or Discussion of the research findings.

Paragraph 12 and /or 13 should be your Critical Analysis of the overall body of work. Examine such issues as the research methodology, the statistics used, the research environment, the sample size, the population for the study, the assumptions made by the author(s), the limitations of the study, the potential for further research in this area, the argument for this data to be replicated, any ethical concerns, and the risk associated with this study.

**In this assignment, the focus is on what the social scientist does with the information that they gather. Is it practical or applicable? Does it fall under the conceptual idea of ‘pure’ science or ‘applied’ science? What research methodology was used and could it have been improved on?

The best way to find peer-reviewed professional journal articles is to use “Google Scholar” (simply type that into the Google ‘search” space.It will take you to options where you can select “peer-reviewed.”You simply type in your search terms.Many articles are free to view and download.Typically, those ‘free’ links are to the right side as a hyper-link.Simply go through them and find one that meets the criteria.You may also use data bases such as “First Search” accessing the “Wilson Select Plus” database, entering in key word associations in areas that you may be interested in (i.e., domestic violence, elder abuse, demography, psychological profiles, divorce, etc). Be sure to obtain full-text copies that emphasize a clear methodology (a study that includes a sample size and a manipulation of variables). A librarian will best know how to assist you in finding a peer-reviewed professional social science journal.

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