Conflict and the Communication Process

Write a two page (500-word) paper.

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Describe how you respond to conflict, using the organizational structure below:

Paragraph 1:

  • Introduction

Paragraph 2:

  • Fully describe a conflict you experienced in the past.

Paragraph 3:

  • Specifically, how did you respond to the conflict?
  • What were some of the factors that influenced your response (goals, emotional state, cognitive assessment of the situation, personality, etc.)? Explain.

Paragraph 4:

  • What conflict response style do you think you were demonstrating through your response?
  • Would you consider your response to this conflict healthy or unhealthy? Explain.
  • How would you advise a friend to respond in a healthy manner if he or she experienced the same conflict you did?

Paragraph 5:

  • Conclusion

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