Week 7 “Stakeholder Management” 10 Questions

Question 1

There are two primary types of contracts; fixed costs and cost-reimbursable. For cost-reimbursable there are three options. The options are cost plus fixed fee, cost plus percentage of costs, and ________?

Cost plus 30%

Cost plus materials squared

Cost plus incentive fee

Cost plus penalty fee

Question 2

The contractual relationship between the buyer and sellerare often confidential. The terms and conditions of the agreement are known as?



Procurement policies

Contract terms

Question 3

Often the most cost effective and fair solution determines whether an organization makes or…

Buys a solution

Attempts to find an out of the box solution

Develops an in-house solution

Has another division of the company drive the solution

Question 4

Which of the following is not an acronym for a project document associated with procurement?





Question 5

A contract that requires the buyer to pay for the cost of goods and services procured plus a fix fee is known as?

Cost plus award fee

Cost plus incentive fee

Cost plus fix fee

Cost plus direct costs

Question 6

An analysis meeting to examine and document the roles of the project is standard. In the meeting the roles, concerns and influences are documented. The meeting is known as?

Stakeholder status meeting

Profile analysis meeting

Project status meeting

System report meeting

Question 7

When classifying stakeholders there are five engagement levels including neutral, supportive, and_______________?





Question 8

A good PM communicates often with all stakeholder groups. When reviewing stakeholder engagement results, several items should be reviewed. One item of importance is the?

Change management plan

Stakeholder negativity plan

Issue log

Conflict resolution plan

Question 9

PM should address stakeholders when both positive and negative news needs to be communicated. However, good PMs address stakeholder groups with?

A continuous process throughout project

A technology avenues

Contractors communications

A Conflict management plan

Question 10

Which of the following may be a response to stakeholder concerns?

Change requests

Removal of stakeholder from list

New stakeholder management plan

New project management plan

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