“Akhenaten’s Hymn to the Sun”, English homework help

Research Project:

Choose any one of the selections listed and any one of the suggested themes provided. Write a 5 page typed paper providing researched documented material for support of your thesis. The tentative thesis, outline and background information about your chosen topic,(a seven to 10 sentenced paragraph, including the source that you used to familiarize yourself with the chosen literary selection..If your selection comes from the Norton text, you may use it for the information . The assignment is due Wednesday, October 26, 2016. The final paper and presentation is due on Monday, December 5, 2016.

1.Ancient Egyptian Poetry (Selections not read in class)

“Akhenaten’s Hymn to the Sun”

The Leiden Hymns (trace similar theme through several poems)

2.The Bible: Old Testament (Selections not read in class)

3.Book of Songs (Chinese Poetry)

4.Confucius and Analects

5.Chuang Chow Chuang Tzu

6.The Nine Songs

7.The Mahabharata/ Ramayana (Indian Epic)

8. The Jataka

9.The Bhagavad – Gita

10.The Tamil Anthologies

11.The Koran

12.Li Po Chinese Poetry

13.The Thousand and One Nights


15.African Mythology

16.The Orphan of Chao

17.Canterbury Tales

18.The man Yoshu

19.The tale of the Genji

20.Augustine Confessions

21.The thousand and one nights

22.Yian Chen; The story of Ying-Ying

23.The Pillow book

24.Essays in Idleness

25.Virgil’s Aneid.

26.Sapphos and Lesbos

27.The Aesop Fables

Choose one of the following themes to trace through your literary selection:

  1. Attitudes Toward Women
  2. Attitude Towards Family Trees
  3. Ideas About Leadership and Responsibility
  4. Societal Demands and Burdens of Leadership
  5. Attitudes Toward Evil
  6. Punishment, Mercy and Law
  7. The Power of The Word
  8. The University of Love and Passion
  9. The Intervention of God/Gods in The Lives of Humankind
  10. Images of Sensuality and Spirituality
  11. Poetry As a Political Form
  12. Retribution and Justice
  13. Human Mortality
  14. The Expression of Emotion in Nature/Animals
  15. Sensual Imagery of The Devotional Lyric
  16. The Role of Fate
  17. Role of Religion or Belief System

so there are 3 things 5 pages essay and 10 sentences paragraph and 1 page presentation

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