case law – 750 words

New York Times Company v. United States, also known as the “Pentagon Papers” case, was a landmark Supreme Court decision with far-reaching implications for the First Amendment and prior restraint. Write a journal assignment summarizing the case and discuss how this landmark legal decision impacted the press and free speech. How can this case guide actions for professional communicators as they create messages in a digital setting?

Prompt: In your journal submission, include the following critical elements:

a) Write a summary of the case using your own words to demonstrate that you understand the concepts covered, including references and citations from the case as necessary to support your summary.

b) Discuss the impact of the case on the press and free speech. What did this decision mean for future journalists who attempt to cover government wrongdoings?

c) Describe how the ruling in this case guides current actions in the communication field. What do communication professionals need to keep in mind regarding prior restraint as they create content for dissemination to the public?

Guidelines for Submission: at least two sources cited in APA format.

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