Discussion Regarding Social Media and diversity?, management homework help

1. Social Media and Social Networking has changed the way that applicants look at employers but also the way that recruitment agencies and companies look at recruiting new talent.

Previously you would hear about jobs through word of mouth, want ads, through job centers and through a couple of other channels but these days, so much is done through the Internet it has truly changed the way staffing is accomplished. The Internet has made companies find it easier to find that missing link, the missing piece to the puzzle. Or has it?

Select an Internet site (social or job board) that, as a recruiter, you would use to search for applicants for a specific job and critique it as to cost, reach, popularity, metrics offered, ability to post jobs, ability to run searches on the site for applicants. What do you like about the site and what do you not like about it?”

2. Promoting ethics and diversity in the workplace is one of the hats a Human Resource Manager wears. As a Human Resource Manager, how would you promote and educate employees on ethics and diversity in the workplace? What are some of the challenges you would expect to encounter? How would you overcome these hurdles to ensure the overall goal of the organization is being supported?

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