Era of Good Feeling

Written Response Week 8

Due: Oct 15, 2017 at 11:59 PM

Upload your written response a file due at the end of Week 8 for up to 50 points.
Find the grading rubric in the top right hand page drop down menu with gear.
Write using your own words. Canvas will “Vericite” check your file for plagiarism. If you copy any word or phrase place it in quotation marks.
No outside research is allowed. Use only our textbook and the resources in Week 8 Module.
Do not repeat the question.
Direct quotations should be no longer than 1.5 sentences.
Do not type a heading, title. Place only your name on the paper.
Type the word count at the end of your last line.
Minimum word count 275. Maximum word count 400.

Assignment Written Response
Even though the period from 1816-1824 is termed the Era of Good Feelings there were still debates and controversies in the U.S. both locally and nationally.
Pick a debate or controversy that occurred during this time.
Pretend you are living in the Era of Good Feelings. Tell me where you are living (region or state, rural or urban), describe your class and occupation, and what position you take about the controversy or debate you pick. Tell me why you hold the opinion you do.
Show me you understand the debate or controversy that you choose. Use facts and examples to back your generalizations.

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