In at least one full page (formatted according to MLA format rules – see first post), reflect on your writing experience thus far in your academic career by answering the following questions:

1. Where are you from? What is your experience with writing: good or bad? how often and how much do you write? Any type of writing counts: social media posts, texts, grocery/to do lists, writing for classes, class notes, journal entries, writing tasks at work (for example, if you are a server, writing down orders).

2. when was your last writing class? Did you take English 101 here? What are a few concepts about writing that you have learned from your experiences in previous English classes? Do you consider yourself a strong, average, weak writer? Why? Explain please.

3. what types of reading do you do on a daily/weekly basis? For example, reading social media posts, online articles, textbooks for school, etc. What is the last book you read for school? What is the last book you read for pleasure? What are a few books you consider to be your favorite and why?

4. do you have any fears or concerns about writing coming into English 102? What are they and how can I help?

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