One of the important parts of Somatoform disorders is, psychology homework help

Answer the following questions in 90 to 175 words each.

**3 Separate Due Dates**

Part 1: Due by Saturday 29 April (24 hrs)

1. One of the important parts of Somatoform disorders is that we have to avoid making the person feel like they are faking physical symptoms. Based on what you have read on this topic, what are some ways that it can be determine to be a chronic psychological issue versus a physical issue?

2. Exercise and meditation are great ways to work with anxieties. Those techniques are consistent with the behavioral approach to therapy and are a great alternative to using medication to help individuals. The cognitive approach would suggest that there is also a better way of thinking about these events that cause anxiety. What would the psychoanalysis approach do to treat anxiety disorders?

Part 2: Due Sunday 30 April (48hrs)

1. Explain two definitions of abnormal behavior. Compare the differences between the psychoanalytic, behavioral, and cognitive treaments for disorders considered abnormal

2. Describe normal and abnormal behavior. Are these classifications fair? Who or what determines what is normal and what is abnormal?

3. How can we increase education about mental illnesses? Why is this an issue in our society? How do other cultures view mental health

4. Why are first impressions so important? Is there a way to recover from a bad first impression?

5. How can your attitude affect your mood and health?

6. What are some treatments for social phobias?

7. Identify the four sources of prejudice, along with one example of each. What are some ways to reduce discrimination?

Part 3: Due Monday 1 May

1.Select two categories of psychological disorders, and outline the main symptoms associated with each disorder.

2.Choose and describe two treatment options for psychological disorders.

3.What are the components of social perceptions? How do they affect human behavior?

4.What are some effects of group influences on human behavior, especially in the workplace?

5.Describe organizational culture. Why is understanding this important when managing complex organizational problems, including group performance and high-level decision making?

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