AP Moller-maersk Case Study, management homework help

Read the AP Moller-maersk Case and answer the questions in the “Looking Forward” section at the end of the case study. Copies of the case can be purchased from the Harvard Business Review. The link is below.

Please answer the questions in the “Looking Forward” section (p.15) at the end of the case and answer the questions in detail including;

  1. Were Pejter and Allen’s HR strategies working or should the practice(s) be amended or abandoned altogether?
  2. Which strategies do you expect will serve Maersk well as it focuses on continued growth and improved profitability? Why?
  3. Which strategies (if any) represent a waste of HR resources? Why?
  4. Are there other areas where HR should be focusing? What are they and why should they be priorities?

Include in your recommendations appropriate references from the text and at least THREE (3) other reputable sources. Reputable means an academic source such as a journal article, text book, conference proceeding etc. It does not mean Wikipedia!!

Groysberg, Boris, and Sarah Abbott. “A.P. Møller – Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives.” Harvard Business School Case 412-147, June 2012. (Revised May 2013.)

Link: https://hbr.org/product/a-p-moller-maersk-group-evaluating-strategic-talent-management-initiatives/412147-PDF-ENG

TEXT: Werner, J. M. (2017). Human resource development/Talent development, 7th Edition. Mason, OH: Cengage.


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