Formulate a project structure,management homework help

The latest e-mail you sent caused quite a response. Several meetings were centered around the enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets that you will use for the project charter. Jim comes to your desk one afternoon for further discussion.

“Our team meetings on environmental factors and organizational process assets have been very productive,” says Jim. “Thanks for getting this project charter moving in the right direction.”
“Anytime,” you say.
“So, based on our last team meeting, do you think we are ready for a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis?” asks Jim.
“I think we have enough information to assess the risk traits and opportunities that exist within the organization,” you say.
“Have you ever prepared a SWOT analysis?” asks Jim
“I have,” you say. “Prior to working at TGC, I was an associate project manager for an engineer firm on the West Cost.”
“Oh, that’s great!” says Jim, handing you a document saying, “Do you think you can update the project charter for me?” Click here for the project charter template.
“Sure,” you say looking at the document. “How much of this do you want me to complete?”
“I think Sections 1–5.3 will be enough,” says Jim.

After Jim leaves, you start working on the project charter for the next meeting. You want to have a revised project charter that includes the stakeholder information from your previous work, the charter’s purpose, an executive summary, an overview, the scope, the statement of work, the organizational impact, and the preliminary SWOT analysis. When conducting your preliminary SWOT analysis, you will take into consideration the enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets in the organizational impact section of the charter

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