PURPOSE: To practice reading and analyzing case law.


  1. Read Campbell v. Thomas, 897 N.Y.S.2d 460 (N.Y. App. 2010).
  2. Research your state law on annulment.
  3. In a two-to-three page paper discuss the following:
    1. What does your state law say about annulment after the death of a spouse? Provide the citation for any laws that you are relying on.
    2. Why did Nidia have the right to take an elective share of the estate, despite the annulment of the marriage?
    3. How does the court avoid giving Nidia the money, despite her statutory right to an elective share?
    4. Do you think criminal sanctions might be appropriate in a case like this? What criminal statutes in your state apply and why? provide the citations.

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