Theory is what helps to guide how we conceptualize client situations and work with our clients and students.​

When working with clients/students it is important that we as counselors are purposeful with our words, use of skills, use of techniques, and our exhibited behaviors.

Attached you will find the Assignment Rubric and Case to Read

After reading the case, Please choose from the below type of approaches to use on the case.

  • Ch 12 Narrative Therapy
  • Ch 13 Solution Focused Brief Therapy
  • Ch 14 Relational-Cultural Therapy

I only need the you to complete 2.75 pages and I will write the dialogue and reflection page.

Make sure to fully respond to each prompt and to use the rubric to guide your writing (the rubric is used to determine your grade). Your assignments should be written in accordance with APA 6th edition guidelines and contain two professional sources (your text-book may count as one of your resources).

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