a research-based critical review

Basically, all my instruction are listed in the attachment file, however, here are what i expected you to help me with.

This assignment weight a lot in this semester, in order to help us, our professor divided the whole essay into three parts before the final draft, first one was introduction, second one was literature review and third part is discussion. I hope you can help me to follow our professor’s instruction step by step so that i can get a good grade.

Firstly, the first part of my essay which was the introduction, the research question of my essay has been changed, and i wanted you to fix my thesis statement because my professor thought it was very similar to the original article.

Secondly, the two articles i found did not meet our professor’s requirements, because one of them is a literature review of somebody else’s work, the other one is kind of like the point form article, he expected us to do our own research from the some sort of 10 or 20 pages’s articles, to read and review those in order to pull out some evidence to support my own paper. So I need you to help me to redo my literature review part with two related, long journal articles you found with proper citation in MLA format.

Thirdly, i will have my discussion part’s instruction by the end on Tuesday, that draft which was due on Thursday, i hope you can write that discussion for me by Thursday 4 pm.

Thanks for taking your time to read my annoying instruction, this assignment is very important for me, i hope you can help me out.

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