Anthropology writing paper

This is an anthropology writing paper, need to read the grading rubric and make sure meet all requirement. Each question need to write at least 250 words. Total 3 questions.

Here is the writing instruction:

Complete all parts

In this week, we move more fully to examine the argument that identity, in this case selfhood, and emotions are culturally constructed, indicating that we are taking an approach more in line with the idea that the human mind is culturally constituted. Additionally, you may have noticed that the concept of the heart is part of each of our ethnographic readings (Kondo, Rebhun, and Wikan) this week.

1. Analyze the common and different ways that heart is invoked and conceptualized in Kondo, Rebhun and Wikan. This doesn’t have to be exhaustive, but does need to state what meaning the heart has for each culture and phenomenon these anthropologists discuss.

2. Given that the heart is repeatedly seen as important to cultural conceptions of identity and emotion in places as far flung as Bali, Japan, and Brazil, can we say attaching meaning to the heart is a cultural universal? Why or why not? Support your answer with reference to the relevant texts.

3. Substantively respond to at least one other student’s answer to point 2.

For full points, I am looking for correct understanding, but also for clear reasoning, thus a right answer alone will not get you 100%. Show me how you are thinking of these concepts and how you are applying them to readings and films. I will respond to correct any mistakes.

Please see the rubric for a full representation of how this assignment will be graded. Likely, a complete response to each part will require approximately 250 words or half a page of single-spaced type.

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