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Intake Form Assignment

This week, you will be completing an intake form for a client. Completing an intake form is a very common practice for human services professionals, and, as you can imagine, is a task that takes effective listening skills. In this activity, you are going to have the opportunity to complete an intake form for a client.

You have your choice of one of four clients to use for this Assignment. Go to the California Homeless Youth Project website, and watch the following four interviews:

The Street Through My Eyes

My Son Saved My Life

From Pillar to Post

Homeless Youth Finds Success With Transitional Housing

Source:California Homeless Youth: Video Wall. Retrieved from

Select only ONE client and respond to the questions below.

Questions to answer for the intake form. Requires detailed explanations.

1. Which client did you choose?

2. Present the problem

3. How did the client present in the Interview?

4. What were the client’s expressed Goals, Expectations and Requested Services?

5. Provide any additional Relevant Information.

6. What is your impression and recommendation for this client?

Please provide professional thought out answers with descriptive, thoughtful and detailed insight into the responses to each question.

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