Law Discussion Hypothetical Fact Scenario

Hypothetical Fact Scenario: Stacey request the Federal Bureau of Investigation to provide all records maintained on Cynthia, an applicant for employment with her company. This request is denied. Stacey believes the decision was incorrect. Unbeknownst to her, Cynthia is currently being investigated by the FBI. Stacey has a friend, Wendy, who works at theDepartment of Human Resources. Wendy checks her office’s records and discovers an application for benefits filed by Cynthia. In that application Cynthia states she is receiving psychological counseling for an attempted suicide. Wendy provides the information to Stacey.

DISCUSSION: Was Stacey’s request properly denied? If so, why? If not, why not, and what remedies would be available to Stacey? If Cynthia discovers Wendy’s disclosure, will she be able to assert that the disclosure was improper? If so, how will she connect her allegation to the law? If the disclosure was improper, what remedies are available to Cynthia? If the disclosure was improper, what facts could you change to make the disclosure proper? Discuss which Acts might apply and how they might apply.

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