Release of Information

In this assignment, you will be working with the Release of Information (ROI) Department. With this in mind, you should familiarize yourself with the HIPPA Guidelines and ROI documents below before you begin.

Peggy Smith, the Assistant Director of the HIM department, has taken over the ROI department after being notified that the ROI Supervisor will be out indefinitely. Peggy has learned that she has two tasks to handle immediately. The first task is responding to a variety of ROI requests. The second task is developing an accounting of disclosures for ROI tracking.

Part 1 – Release of Information Requests

Download the Release of Information Requests Worksheet.

Read the case provided and review the ROI scenarios described. After analyzing the situations, comment whether you agree or disagree with how Peggy handled each situation. Give your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with her actions. Save your answers in the worksheet.

Part 2 – Accounting of Disclosures Form

A patient has requested an Accounting of Disclosures. Peggy quickly realizes the department does not have a formal document to present to the patient. She must now create an Accounting of Disclosures form and has asked you for assistance.

Review the documents provided above for the HIPAA Guidelines and RMC Release of Information Policies. It is a HIPAA rule that all health information releases must be tracked. The HIPAA and ROI materials suggest what type of information must be tracked. Some HIM department have an HIM software application that can be used to do this, while others simply use Excel or Word to set up a tracking system.

For this assignment, design an Accounting of Disclosures Form using an Excel spreadsheet or a Word table or form document. Be sure it includes each of the areas that are required on an Accounting of Disclosures form. It may be helpful to research Accounting of Disclosures forms using your preferred Internet search engine.

Once you have your form designed, fill in the information for one patient simply using made-up information.

2 Documents needs submitted separately (Worksheet and Excel Table)

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