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these are 2 paragraphs reflections i need please a respond for each one so each respond must be 180 words

Note: you should have the book know to what’s going on with these paragraphs and the book called Racial and Ethnic Relations, Census Update (9th Edition)

The First one :

Compared to chapter one, chapter two had a lot of in-depth information about migration. One surprising fact for me was the “white persons” only discriminatory law in effect until 1952. I always thought immigration issues are a current problem only but it seems like we have been dealing with the issues of migration laws since very long time. It was also interesting to read about how there are different types of movement, and it depends on certain factors such as the migrating unit, situation at the point of origin and destination and the socioeconomic and political framework within which migration occurs. I am from India; I voluntarily moved here about ten years ago. Since I am a migrant myself, I know all those factors play a significant role when deciding to move. Another interesting part of the chapter was a note on the “black-white paradigm.” As it states in the book, the analysis done by some academic researchers suggest that there was too much attention given to white-black issues and too little attention to all other groups of color. I believe that one major factor in this is media. More often than not, media exaggerates issues and which is why when the movement of African American slavery was going on, this issue became institutionalized. Since then, the government and media have been too focused on it.

The Second one :

I thought chapter 2 was more involved in theories and historical examples of immigration and oppressive acts that followed. With the opening of the chapter once again linking to the idea of class and hierarchy within white descendants to colored peoples, the chapter is interesting with the history of order/ assimilation theories and power-conflict theories. I liked that the ethnic terms were well defined within each section that gave proper understanding of the term use within the chapter. A lot of the theories mentioned in the chapter focused on the relations of European and Caucasian descendants and the African American integration from slavery to modern day. It talked about the subordinate economic, political, segmented aspects of society. The birth of stereotypes and racial nomenclature play into the structural foundation for racial separation and inequality that has continued throughout society. This was an interested chapter because it does give a prelude to cultures and subjects that will be further addressed in later chapters but gives a nice introduction to the content and context of the beginnings of racism and its impact on society and how society has functioned due to the standards created in the earliest eras of this country.

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