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Remember, all of the Habits of Mind are in play throughout your Portfolio. Please demonstrate your awareness of and growth in the HOM in the materials contained in your Portfolio.

Please remember also to include the write and post the needed meta-reflections:

  • Pre-semester meta-reflection
  • Project 1 meta-reflection
  • Project 2 meta-reflection
  • Complete an End-of-semester meta-reflection (reflecting over your whole experience and growth as a writer in the course; to include all components of your learning; make sure to include discussion of at least the top 3 Habits/skills/Outcomes you believe will transfer from this class to other writing situations, either in school or other areas of your personal/professional life; discuss also which Habits/skills/Outcomes are hardest for you to transfer, and why.Finally, discuss any development you’ve made in establishing your writing identity this semester:how would you articulate your own personal theory of writing?)

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