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I need to write Secondary Postings (i.e. “Participation postings”) are postings to peers or instructors. These postings are 50 words, posted on time and show initiative, critical thinking and are a substantial contribution to the discussion. These can be postings in agreement/ disagreement with a peer, personal examples of the topic being discussed or any other bit of information that is relevant to the course and contributes to the conversation being held. Watch that all of your postings are not opinion diatribes without backing up your points using peer reviewed material, the text or other reputable source.

first one I need argument about this paragraph:

Scenario 1:

Tracy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) serving Norman, OK and the surrounding areas. Prior to opening her private practice, she was a special education high school teacher for 8 years, and elementary teacher for 4 years. She holds degrees in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Special Education. As a BCBA, Tracy is available to support your child with behavioral needs in the classroom, home, and community environments. She has extensive experience with writing individualized behavior intervention plans based on data obtained through a functional behavior analysis of your child in multiple environments focusing on challenging and problem behaviors exhibited by both typically-developing children and children with disabilities. Tracy is available for consultation services for schools, day cares and community programs to evaluate system-wide management strategies for behavior and interventions for general and special education students. Tracy has additional one-on-one experience working with children with Autism, specifically on the development of social skills and verbal behavior. Tracy is passionate about improving the behavior of the children she serves and looks forward to working with your child!

this is the second one I need argument about this paragraph also:

Scenario 2 – This is a really interesting situation and I will attempt to reflect both in the perception of the BCBA and the parent.

BCBA Perception – If I was a BCBA asked to present at a parent group, I first may ask for the purpose of the parent workshop and what other presenter will be present or have presented in the past. If the nature of the workshop is educational, I may ask for other BCBA to attend. We could present on major teaching techniques/interventions described in Applied Beahvior Analysis (Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2007). We could also present on current topics released in the current ABAI journal. I would make clear that the presentation is not to be used without proper training and supervision. If I worked for a clinic, I would specifically attempt to not promote or release that information. If parents wanted more information, I would provide a resource booklet or a variety of contact information for BCBAs in the area. If they specifically requested me, I would inform them that my caseload is very full and would ask that they tour/reach out to the other resources first. I think if parents research the other options first and still would like to utilize my services, it would be okay.

As described by Bailey and Burch (2016) the presentation itself should not exaggerate the effectiveness of the treatment. The presentation should be with the focus of education, not a testimonial or advertising for your services. If the presentation is done in this way and parents have researched other available resources in the area and still would like to pursue me as a BCBA then I think it would be okay.

Parent Perception – If a presentation I attended had a really effective person (in describing the intervention or treatment in an educational manner, not advertisement) I would probably want to seek out their services. When they provide me with a various other contacts, I would consider researching these avenues as well. However, after interviewing other BCBAs, I still might like to use the presenter. I think this would be okay. If the presentation was in the form of an advertisement however, I would feel pressured or possibly required to utilize their services. This would be against the code of ethics.

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