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(Here’s the first one and 130 words total, respond to the post and ask a few questions , add in 2-3 in text cites and references) People who are victims of sexual assault
need to know that there is help there for them in many forms. They need
to know that it is okay to admit being a victim. Everyone needs to be
educated as to the effects of sexual assault. If there was a way to get
the information out to the public on where they can turn for help if
assaulted, it might make a big difference. Billboards would be one
example. The town I live in has a program for women who are the victims
of domestic violence-they came up with empty lipstick holders with a
small paper inside that has hot line numbers if the woman wants a way
out but is afraid her significant other would find out. If there was a
way to devise one for victims of sexual assault, it would be of
tremendous help. Police, hospitals, and doctors could keep a supply and
give to victims. Of course, it would have to be something different for

This crime is
underreported for many reasons. The victim many know the person who
assaulted them. They may be too young to understand and can tell an
adult. They may be afraid of the assailant. Many times, the victim
blames themselves (Bartol & Bartol, 2017). For many colleges,
students may report it to campus officials but it goes no further
because the schools do not want to get a bad reputation and have it
affect their enrollment rate (Bartol & Bartol, 2017). Many victims
are elderly or developmentally disabled as well. This is not just a
problem in the United States. It is world-wide. There is an organization
called the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF). For just one example,
they did a survey of women in Indonesia. They discovered that, of the
9,000 households they surveyed, 33% of the women had suffered physical
or sexual abuse in their life (UNPF, 2017). It is a way of life for
these women and UNPF is working all over the world to change these
statistics. I need 100 word response with a few in text cites and few references, (also ask questions) and the same with the other three below. Here’s the second one below and 100 words ask a few questions and just respond to the post and 2-3 in text cites and references that’s all

After reviewing the statistics for this weeks discussion, I am. To think that out of 1000

that only 994 offenders will actually be incarated. (The

Criminal Justice: Statistic). How is that even possible? What happened

to balance in the criminal justice system? To me this says, hey feel

free to rape and pilage, the chances of you actually being punished for

it is 1000 to 1. The statistics show that out of the 357 cases reported

that actually clear the entire process from report to sentencing is 6.

Yes out of the 357 cases a whooping 6 people actually see jail time.

(The Criminal Justice: Statistics).

How can this be? I understand that many victims are scared, or are
too ashamed to report the abuse. Others may feel the actual process of
reporting is too much for them emotionally or they feel pity for their
attacker? Or sadly, that they know nothing will come from it so why
bother. I think that the criminal justice system needs to reassess the
way they handle sexual assault cases. Make more of an effort to convict
the abusers. The Criminal Justice System is so overloaded and bogged
down right now, they need to pay more attention to detail and quality
versus quantity.

I would think that each department has a separate special victims
unit, and if so those officers and advocates need to really push and
show the victim that if they don’t report the crime there’s a real
chance their attacker will harm another person. Understanding the
statics above would make us think “well why bother reporting, they
aren’t gonna get charged anyways.” Yes but there is that small chance
that the attacker will be charged and sent to jail. Here;s the 3rd one below

I believe

that Mary Kay Letourneau is a female sex offender. Even though Vili

Fualaau gave his personal consent, developmentally, 13 years old is in

the middle of puberty and he’s not completely able to grasp such a

complicated sexual relationship. On the otherhand, Letourneau knew what

she was getting herself into and understood the consequences that her

actions would and did bring. Furthermore, according to

(2017), Letourneau was a teacher at Shorewood Elementary when she first

met Fualaau. As a teacher, she should realize her role as a teacher is

to encourage and nurture her students in a safe and healthy

environment. While encouraging Fualaau’s artistic talents was fine,

once she realized there was something more she should have cared enough

about him to back off.

Mary Kay
Letourneau would be a heterosexual nurturer. Bartol and Bartol (2017)
describe a heterosexual nurturer to be someone who uses a role such as a
teacher to create a mentor relationship with her student. The
heterosexual nurturer does not perceive their romantic relationship with
her student as damaging or wrong. Bartol and Bartol (2017) go on to
mention that a heterosexual nurturer will either not see that their
relationship with a minor is wrong or refuse to see it as such.
Regardless of the sentence that Mary Kay Letourneau received, she still
broke her probation to see Fualaau. She continued to seek contact with
Fualaau and married him after he was an adult (, 2017).

The fact
that Mary Kay Letourneau married Vili Fualaau does not change anything.
In fact, I think it makes it much worse. Though Vili Fualaau chose to
marry Mary Kay Letourneau as a consenting adult, it raises concerns of
the effect the underage relationship had on Fualaau. Because Letourneau
wouldn’t leave Fualaau alone and made her presence known to him, it
raises questions as to if Fualaau was given the opportunity to
psychologically recover from their illegal relationship. ( And here’s number 4. 100 word 2-3 in text cites and references and just respond to this post and ask a few questions also. After reading her story on and watching the video on CNN’s
website about her separation, which had a lot of information about the
relationship, I do believe that Mary Kay Letourneau was a female sex
offender. Just because they ended up married after she was released from
prison, doesn’t excuse the crime she committed that lead to that
outcome. Her actions were those of a child sexual offender, she had a
sexual relationship with a minor and whether or not he agreed to the
affair is irrelevant at his age. More specifically, she would likely be
considered a heterosexual nurturer because of how she felt about their
relationship (Bartol & Bartol, 2017). “These females may be
motivated by feelings of ‘love’ or a desire for intimacy to compensate
for unmet emotional and social needs and may not appreciate the
inappropriateness of the relationship” (Vandiver & Kercher, 2004, p.
133). This seems like an appropriate description of Letourneau and her
relationship with Vili Fualaau. It is made obvious that she does not see
their relationship as inappropriate when she continues to go back to
Fualaau, violating her court order at times, and resulting in two
pregnancies and their marriage (Biography, 2017). Their marriage,
however, appears to be a normal marriage between two consenting adults.
Also, while there is no information as to what has led to their
separation, it would appear that it is just another sign that their
marriage was not just Letourneau’s decisions, as it is Fualaau that is
filing for their separation (Sgueglia, 2017). That being said, however,
their resulting marriage does not change the fact that their original
relationship was an inappropriate encounter between a child and an
adult. Therefore, Letourneau is still a female sex offender.

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