Budget Process City of simi valley)

I want Budget
Process City of simi valley)

+ please post a bulleted overview of the budget process for the assigned jurisdiction.

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+Please also include any relevant website links that may be helpful in discussion in class.

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+This is example for City of Thousand Oaks.I want same this but simi valley

July 9th to the September 15 – Heads of government departments and agencies, the budget process begins by initiating a comprehensive review as well as the proposed structure. All requests to provide financial review

10TH October to 10 January – The next step is to evaluate portfolios of all requests made to his desk by the Financial Audit Department before sending the proposed budget to the legislative houses.

January February. Offers proposed by the govenor budget b = to both the Senate and Assembly (budget should be identical). Houses of budget analysis on a large scale. Budget analysis is used as the starting point of the hearings subcommitte

March-April: With homes and offer bills to the committees. They are then categorized and presented to the corresponding sub-committees on the basis of field.

Late April: At this stage, the committees each house has a chance to look at the inputs and reports from sub-committees on which is written a revised budget and brought to the floor of the house to discuss the short to vote.

June 15 to July 1st: The approved budget send to the governor for approval. Governor has until July 1 to veto… fund balance budget

Material online … the budget process guide ” Citizen’s Guide to participate ” & California State Budget: 8 step guide

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