Court roles

The Module Four Short Paper explores the role of course personnel.Specifically, you will assess the potential impact on the efficiency of the court an individual
role could have.
After reviewing the reading assignments,please select one of the following court employees:

court clerk, assistant clerk, docketing clerk, administrative assistant,
bailiff, lawyer, or judge.

Identify either state or federal court staff member. Describe your chosen employee’s role in the court and discuss specific tasks and
responsibilities that this position is responsible for. Assess this employee’s impact on the efficiency of the court.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Role: Identify and describe what role your chosen staff member plays in the operation of the court and some of the tasks that the individual engages in
to fulfill his or her job requirements.

Efficiency: Describe the role of the court staff person in creating judicial efficiency. Explain how this person’s position can help make courts run more or
less efficiently. Specifically, discuss his or her role in relation to court calendars, dockets, and case management.

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