Respond to the following two statements

1,At this stage in the writing process my ideas for my draft are to get about four or five topics down so that I can then choose the three that best support my original claims and to ensure that I have three topics that I can actually write about. So far, I have had to drop one of my topics completely because I could not find enough supporting evidence that satisfied my goals for this paper. I plan on supporting them by setting a standard for my paper. If I can not meet my personal standard, then I will go back, and rework as needed.

One of my citations

A part of the problem is that most victims will not seek help when offered, but this should not deter you (Stabel, 2019).

The difference between a direct quote and paraphrasing is that a direct quote is something taken word for word from an another’s work and then used in your own, while paraphrasing is still using someone else’s work but you might have dropped or added a word or maybe even changed a word or two. Both paraphrasing and direct quotes need proper citations to avoid plagiarism. As of right now no, I do not have a counterclaim and rebuttal planned for my essay

2.Starting a draft in my personal experiences so far can be stressful, but what I have learned is it is the time for improvement . Drafts allow you to make mistakes and be able to receive helpful feed back from instructors as well as my classmates. For my draft I plan to first make a bubble map to gather all ideas that I have to be able to then pick out the more stronger views I feel will be best to incorporate to my draft. Using an outline has always been helpful for me to make sure I have all the steps I need to start writing. As a writer I have learned to embrace making mistakes, before I used to be afraid of not making everything perfect or getting critiqued. It gives me more motivation to fix my errors. Support in my draft will be shown by citing different examples I find along the way that I feel is more helpful for my readers to agree with my argument. In quoting you are re writing the author’s exact words to be able to give them credit as a writer should always received credit where credit is due. Paraphrasing is more of reading a paragraph and being able to re word into your own words. I hope by following these steps I am on my way to building a solid first draft.

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