Summary Psychology of Benjamin Franklin, social science homework help

The Summary/Plan

Identify an historical figure (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN) that you would like to study more intensively. Your special topic paper will focus on this topic, so select carefully. Then choose at least two theorists (ERIKSON AND FREUD) to compare and contrast on the individual of your choice. You must write a 150-200 word summary about the proposed topic and plan. This summary must include a description of the individual and how your paper will cover the individual and theories. Perform a literature search. From this search, you will need to select at least 5 readings for the summary assignment. This should be an in-depth, general reading that gives background on the selected topic and/or individual. You will also need to find a minimum of 4 sources (articles or books which discuss the theory or application of the theory). Include the sources as a reference list with the summary.

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