managing people ( Discussion C)

Discussion C: Communication

Welcome to the third discussion. In this course you will be introduced to a topic in the discussion. The first week of the module you will write about your initial thoughts after reviewing the resources. The initial post should be at least 300 words.

During the following week you will reply to at least two of your classmates. The replies should be at least 100 words. See the discussion rubric for more details on grading.

Discussions should always be completed prior to “class.” If you are in an online class or an on ground course this is prior to the lesson portion of the week. Are you ready to begin?

1. Consider the following:

People make at least two decisions about motivation every day when they come to work. One is whether to stay in the organization or look for another source of work. The other is how much effort to put into performance on the job. Consequently, managers need to be concerned about two corresponding aspects of motivation: motivating workers to stay on the job and motivating them to perform at their best (Alessandra, 2008).

Alessandra, Tony. The New Art of Managing People: Person-to-Person Skills, Guidelines, and Techniques Every Manager Needs to Guide, Direct, and Motivate the Team (p. 228). Free Press. Kindle Edition.

2. Initial Post (300 words)
  • What is the difference between motivation and manipulation of employees? Why is this distinction important to managers? What might a manager do to ensure that his or her actions are construed by the employee as motivation and not manipulation?

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