Nursing Care of the Family and Community

Genogram,Ecomap, Family Haelth Promo Plan

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This assignment assesses intended course outcomes(s):

  • Apply the nursing process and evidence-based practice to accurately assess family and community health systems across the lifespan
  • Apply systematic research practices to identify family and community health system needs.
  • Develop appropriate risk reduction and health promotion education plans based on identified family and community risk factors.
  • Develop appropriate risk reduction and health promotion education plans based on identified family and community risk factors. Discuss the multi-dimensional role of the community health nurse in risk reduction and health promotion.

In this assignment, the student will conduct an assessment of a family and apply the nursing process to form a plan of care. The family needs to have at least three members in the household and at least one family member must have a health care need. The family can be of any type of structure (traditional or non-traditional). The student will conduct a genogram which demonstrates patterns of disorders that are prevalent in the family. On the same family the student will then construct an ecomap. An ecomap is a representation of how the family connects to the outside world. Based on this information, the student needs to select a family or community theory (refer to information in LEO classroom) and construct a plan of care based on this theory utilizing the nursing process.

Family genogram

  • You can use your own family for this assignment. Remember, the family genogram must represent a family in the same community you wrote about in your windshield survey.
  • Using the information, examples, and templates provided, construct a family genogram of your family. Please omit any identifying information (e.g., names). Be sure to review the information in the HIPAA module regarding de-identification of patient information (located in the Special Topics section of the HIPAA module) before submitting your assignment.
  • This link provides additional information and instructions for construction of a family genogram. This link provides examples of completed genograms.
  • You can use the Genopro template or create your own.
  • Submit the completed genogram as a separate document prior to working on the ecomap.


Family teaching plan

Using the nursing process and the data obtained from the genogram and ecomap, develop a teaching plan based on the needs of the family.

  • Select a family or community theory
  • Create a plan based on this theory (details)
  • Summarize the identified health risk traits
  • Provide evidence-based health care promotion and disease prevention recommendations based on the family’s identified health risk.

The outline for the family assessment is below:





Construct a teaching plan based on the nursing process, utilizing a family or community based theory, that addressed the identified family health risk


APA style, spelling, grammar, appropriate terminology, organization, grammar, organization and references


Students are advised to make sure they do not include any identifying information about the family they choose to work with for these assignments.

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