read the following article and answer question A, B and C.…

A:At the beginning of our course on August 5th, many of you said the biggest challenge facing your generation was the use of social media. Does that still hold true for you, or has your thinking shifted? If you could tell a candidate for the 2020 presidential election to address one issue, what would it be? (You don’t have to have the solution!)

B: do you agree or disagree with this statement? explain why in couple sentences.”My first post on August 5th did in fact state that I believe social media is a big challenge our generation faces. I do think this still stands true! Yet, in no means due I see it as the biggest challenge. With the current fires burning rapidly through Brazil’s Amazon rain forest I am truly terrified. I know I mentioned this in my post last night but this rain forest produces 20% of the Earths oxygen, and is referred to as the planets lungs! We need to do better. It scares me what it will take to make a change. On a personal level I try to do as much as I can to reduce waste, recycle and avoid single use plastic. It’s a very worthless and infuriating feeling knowing you can’t get through to some people on how serious this is. In this case, I think social media has been useful. It allows word to get out of these serious events and how we could make a change. 2-3 paragraphs.

I know you said one issue, but I think gun violence is just as serious currently as climate change! Gun violence is too horrifically common nowadays. Its hard to feel safe anywhere. This topic really stumps me, I know it is extremely difficult to ban guns or take them away considering it is our Second Amendment. Maybe it is just me but I don’t feel like we have done enough, or tried to make a change (please someone correct if I’m wrong). I would for sure tell the 2020 candidate to take action. I know they have made the background check for guns more strict, but a lot of mass shooters pass background checks and obtain guns. It’s such a tough topic. Whether the increased use of social media is correlated to gun violence, I don’t know.

Not until recently have I even thought of not having kids in the future. Yet, lately I don’t know if I want to bring someone into this world with the choas that has been going on around us.”

C:do you agree or disagree with this statement? explain why in couple sentences “I feel as though the over use of social media is an extremely low priority concern in the world now and going forward. It would certainly be better if media coverage pertained to more pressing matters in the world such as the ongoing fire in Brazil which had been going on for three weeks which didn’t draw attention until recently, then an overexposure to meaningless tabloid articles or the misusing of social media as the primary political platform of the current administration. There certainly is room for improvement, but there are more pressing matters such as the lack of climate control and environmental regulations to stop global warming and the destruction of the ecosystem (although the Amazon fire does tie into this, perhaps better regulation could have prevented this in the first place?), and insufficient gun control laws that continue the repeated violence of mass shootings. I would certainly place both of these as the country’s top priorities, especially the ongoing worldwide crisis of global warming. I would hope that a candidate for the 2020 election would treat the environmental crisis with the same weight that wars had been treated: as a valid and fast approaching threat to our survival.

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