Choosing a Frame to Problem Solve — Paper Assignment

Part One of Paper:

Read the abbreviated Hammermill Case: it illustrates managers at a particular point in time confronted with a decision and the communication of that decision. Identify first the point in time of the decision making and the crux of the decision, identify who is involved, identify what decision must be communicated, and list the participants and the information that you have about each of the participants or groups of participants both making the decision and impacted by the decision.

Part Two of Paper:

Your position in the case: assume that you are confronted with the task of structuring the communication of the decision for the top managers of Hammermill: how would you go about doing this, what would you consider, and most importantly, how would you use the four frames to both analyze this situation they are confronted with and how you would help you to structure your the communication of their decisions. Specifically, how would you use the four frames to convey the decision so that it is accepted and implemented in spite of considerable obstacles? Note that in the original case the appendix had a fully developed Communication Plan written by management so you can assume that there is already an extensive document ready to disseminate.

Write a well organized and developed discussion following the plan indicated above using material from the mini-case and the materials for week two, as well as your knowledge from the CIM program in general. Attach your paper here as a Word document

Attached is the case.

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