Discussion -How to Mke Your Reports Stand Out, business & finance homework help

PART ONE: Discussion -How to Mke Your Reports Stand Out —– Due Tuesday Aug 29th 2017

(Only Needs To Be 150 Words)

Think of your analysis as a story that must have a story structure when presented.

All data has a story to tell. Many people present just the facts. The who, how, and why related to the data are missing.

  • Who does it affect?
  • How does this data relate to our audience?
  • Why do we care?

That’s how people remember data . . . with a story.

Your analysis of the data should be factual, yes. However, it should also be interesting, simple, and memorable. It should be a story.

For this discussion post, please explain the importance of storytelling and why it should be a part of your data analysis. Tell a story by using examples and specifics.


PART TWO: Presenting Data

Your supervisor has asked you to provide a visual representation of the following data.

Florida Turnpike System – Road Ranger Calls

Type of Call

Year 2013

Year 2014

No Assistance Required



Disabled / Stranded Motorist



Maintenance of Traffic During Accidents



Debris Removal and Abandoned Vehicles



How would this data be best presented? Consider different types of charts and graphs that would best depict the data.

After creating a visual representation, provide a short summary of the data. Include any percentage of increase or decrease from year to year.


PART THREE: Course Project – Classify and Analyze Data

Use the modified spreadsheet that you submitted in Module 03 for this deliverable.

Examine the fields in the spreadsheet. Classify, sort, or group the data in a way that the outliers become apparent. An example would be to sort by the total cancellations. Keep all data, but highlight the sales consultants that are outliers. Submit the newly modified spreadsheet.

In a one page paper, APA formatted with references and citations, you will analyze the data for trends that span over the course of the entire data set. Identify sales consultants that indicate a progression towards noncompliance. Explain why you have identified them.

Paper is APA formatted with references and citations



PART FOUR: Current Event – Business Reporting and Business Performance Managemnt

(You dont need to record it. Just type it up and I will record it on my own.)

This is a slightly different type of forum. You will create an audio file then upload it for your initial post. You will respond to your classmates in the usual written manner.

Since this is a way to practice verbal reporting to a client or company officer, please offer constructive advice to your classmates on their report (i.e. – spoke too: soft, loud, fast, slow, etc) along with your comments on their audio post topic.

Research a current event from within the last five years that relates to this week’s topic of Business Reporting and Performance Management. Attach an audio explanation of the current event. Specify how it relates to this week’s topics of business reporting and business performance management.

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