Freire Essay Post Write


The goals of LART 250 are for you to “demonstrate the reading and writing process and metacognitive awareness in a combined reading and writing portfolio of your strongest work.” To practice for the final portfolio, you will write a 500 word post-write reflecting on your process and choices in producing the literacy narrative essay.

This assignment is also a part of your Essay 2 (Freire Essay) grade. You must complete this assignment satisfactorily to get a grade on your essay. Not completing this assignment means you will get a non-passing grade on your essay for EWRT 1A.

Post Write Assignment:

1. What did you need to know or do to write your Freire essay?

2. Describe your process developing this draft. What steps did you take? What assignments, readings, or class activities helped you?

3. Acknowledge the readers-respondents who gave you feedback. What feedback did you use? How did their feedback shape your essay? Refer me to a specific passage where you made a significant change to your essay. Why does this change improve the effectiveness of the essay?

4. How did you contribute to building a #helpful peer feedback culture in our class? Refer me to some of your most helpful comments and explain how they were helpful. What do you want to work on to improve your helpfulness in your feedback? What strategies can you use to improve? How else are you contributing to our community in the class?

5. Do you see your essay as a successful analytical essay? Why do you do you see your essay this way? Describe how your essay works and how it meets the criteria we worked on during the Eli Reviews. Refer me to specific passages that meet the criteria.

6. How can I help you most in my response to this draft? What parts are you concerned about, or where are you uncertain about your decisions? Please be specific. What questions do you have for me as a reader?

A successful Post write will…

  • Answer all the questions thoughtfully and honestly (the post write will meet the word count).
  • Quote or paraphrase specific parts of your essay to show what you’re talking about.
  • Quote or paraphrase specific comments made during Eli reviews to show what you’re talking about.
  • Explain your answers with reasons, specific details from your work, or experiences in the class.
  • Format your post write using MLA guidelines in a word document. Please use numbers or paragraphing to indicate when you are responding to a new question or shifting to a new idea.

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