Read the ANA Foundation References

Read the ANA Foundational References with attention to advanced practice.

Answer the following questions with no more than 300 words per answer.


  1. What makes nursing a profession Using Nursing & Social Policy Statement.
  2. List 6 (total for the assignment) ANA Standards of Practice and Performance that “you” value as most pertinent for the CNL and provide one example of advanced performance criteria (expectations) (6) for a CNL for each selected standard. Simply list the standard and an expectation for advanced practice. Use the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice 2010.
  3. Write a brief synopsis of three (3) of the nine Code of Ethics provisions that mirror your values and how those provisions apply to the CNL role.
  4. List three expectations for professional practice from the Texas Nurse Practice Act 217.11 and how they reflect the CNL role. (See pdf document for Texas BON…)
  5. Search, find and document three concepts in the CNL White Paper that reflect the ANA Standards of Practice and Performance and describe each concept from both documents. (See pdf document for CNL White Paper..)

Essentials of Nursing Practice Package

ANA Foundation of Nursing Package 2010

Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements


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