Answer two ques related to the crime of rape one and half page double space

1) For this week’s assignment, please address the crime of rape in accordance with each of the theoretical perspectives. In other words, how would each theoretical perspective attempt to explain the crime and behavior of rape?

  • Feminist perspective
  • Psychopathological perspective
  • Evolutionary perspective

2) Researcher Nick Groth developed a rapist typology that included three specific types or categories of rapists: The Anger rapist, the Power rapist, and the Sadistic rapist. Conversely, Roy Hazelwood and Ann Burgess developed a rapist typology based on offender motivation: The Power-assertive rapist, the Power-reassurance rapist, the Anger-retaliatory rapist, and the Anger-excitation rapist.

Locate and research one real life rape case and discuss what typology of rapist the offender fell under using one of these theoretical frameworks (Groth or Hazelwood/Burgess) and explain why, based upon the behaviors or actions of the rapist, he (or she) fell under this selected category. Please be detailed with your reasoning or justification for selecting the typology based upon the offender’s behaviors.

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