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Visit the website of three global advertising agencies. Link to some of these top ad agencies is here: http://www.top50adagencies.com/ . View some of their creative work. I have given you a resource for international ads, but you may need to check other sources.

Find an ad for a product sold in the US that has been developed for another country for a branded product (one with which you are familiar). State the name of the agency and include the link to that specific ad in your post, NOT a link to the company website or ad campaign, but the specific ad. State the NAME of the ad (all ads have names).

Describe the ad and discuss several ways in which you think it and/or its promotional message was adapted to that country’s culture. You MUST be specific when you discuss cultural adaptation. For example, US culture emphasizes independence and individualism, Americans are informal and believe in freedom of choice. Another example would be that in the US the color white is associated with purity and brides whereas in some countries white symbolizes death. Don’t confuse the creativity of an ad as being an adaptation to culture.

Discuss whether you think that advertisement would work well here in the United States and why or why not.

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