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Leadership – Colin Powell

Colin Powell is a retired four star general and was Commander of the United States Army Forces Command. He also served as Secretary of State under George W. Bush and was his National Security Advisor. Listen to Powell talk about Leadership in the video entitled: “Colin Powell Speaks about Leadership.” [You can find the video by going to YouTube and using the search terms, “Colin Powell Speaks about Leadership at Colgate”.] This was an address given to business students at Colgate University.

Please respond to the following questions along with at least 2 substantive peer replies (for a minimum of 3 posts):

  • In the many leadership roles Powell occupied, what according to Powell is the role of a leader?
  • How does the individual who is serving as a leader go about seeing that the needs of the organization are met?
  • What advice does Powell have for the business students he is speaking to with regard to leadership?

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