PDP Personal Development Plan, management homework help

This assignment will be discussing the Personal Development Planning of a person especially a student who is going through his graduation program. How a student can evaluate himself as for his academic and other curricular activities are concerned. Through this assignment I would be using this PDP platform to assess and evaluate my own educational fields and achievements I have so far went through in my graduation course at the Gulf College Muscat. Well, before going through all that let me here briefly define what basically the PDP is all about. Personal Development Planning is a method of personal reflections and achievements, knowledge to benefit from ones strengths, knowing and talking about the capacities for progress or development, setting ones objectives in life, knowing ones skills and recording the thoughts. It is a constant series of ones self-reflections and activities, the main resolution of PDP is to embolden students to mug up to improve themselves and set out a strategy towards their future through self-awareness of the things going around him. PDP could be made functional within the wide range of circumstances, changing the ways the students approach towards their studies, and it could help them in making their choices in both the academic and personal life matters which would ultimately make them to achieve their goals.

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